20+ Apple Watch Series 6 Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features

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I really think you guys are going to be super surprised at the Apple Watch Serie 6 because there are some awesome features that’ll blow your mind. This is everything you need to become an Apple watch expert in this one article.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6
  • Water-Resistant
  • GPS
  • Up to 1 Days of battery life
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1. Always On Display

The previous apple watch series the 6 also comes with an always On display support but with an improved implementation and also making it 2.5 times brighter so all the content is easily readable than before. You can also access the notification center, control center and tap on complications without having to wake up the display by just swiping up and down, and you can also tap on the different complications.

2. Raise to Speak to SIRI

Simply raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri” and Siri will automatically activate.

3. Camera Remote

You can use your apple watch as a camera remote. All you’re going to have to do is go your grid and go to the camera app and that’s gonna do is automatically launch the camera app on your iPhone and you can change from the different lenses on your new iPhone by just scrolling the crown of your apple watch.

4. Theater Mode

You won’t need your apple watch lighting up whenever you move your wrist or get a notification so for this setting all you have to do is swipe up and once you’re control center you’re gonna see the two faces right there that’s gonna activate the theater. The theater Mode is gonna turn on silent mode and keeps the screen dark until you tap the screen or press the crown on the side button.

5. Ring your Phone and Ring with Flashlight

If you ever set your iPhone on silent mode and can’t find it you can use your apple watch to ping it. All you have to do is swipe up and go to the little phone icon and press once and once you press on it. It’s gonna make a sound so you can easily find your phone. You can also activate the flashlight to make it easier to find in dark places by just long pressing the phone icon.

6. Silent Mode

Whenever your apple is making any noise for any phone calls or any notifications at the wrong moment like in a meeting and anywhere, you can simply cover it with the palm of your hand and wait for about three seconds, and then silent mode would automatically activate.

7. Hide Apps from the Grid

You can also simply hide watch apps by just going to the apple watch app on your iPhone go to the “Outlook” option then there is an option “Show App on Apple Watch” just select the toggle right to off that’s going to automatically make it disappear from your app grid or you can do it from your apple watch by just long-press on the screen and then just select whichever app you want to get rid off.

8. Handwash Detection

you have also the handwash detection feature which is gonna be really useful especially since we’re now on the pandemic. your apple watch can help you in this regard as it can remind you to wash your hands every now and then whenever you come back home the hand wash detection feature will require you to wash your hands for about 20 seconds and if you stop washing your hand before the watch will give you haptic feedback to encourage you to finish. And this feature is not an easy one of all since apple uses the microphone to listen to the sound of the running water along with another advanced algorithm to determine if you are washing your hands or not.

In order to activate it all, you’re gonna have to do is go to your apple watch app on your iPhone and scroll down until you see the handwash option, whenever you’re there just activate it and it will start working.

9. Use SIRI As a Translator

You can also use Siri to translate languages. you don’t longer to use your iPhone to quickly translate language as you can do it using Siri on your apple watch as well. You can quickly trigger Siri and ask for a language conversion and as of now, the series 6 apple watch supports 10 languages like Spanish, English, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and more. All you have to do is “Hey Siri translate this to Spanish, then Siri asks you what would you like to translate then you can speak as your word then Siri will translate to that language. And you can also ask Siri to spell a word like “Hey Siri spell the word Apple”.

10. Add Shortcuts

On your new Apple watch series 6, you can also add shortcuts by just heading to your app on your iPhone. In order to make this work, all you have to do is go to the shortcuts app on your iPhone and all you’re gonna have to do is select the apple watch folder and once you’re there you just add any type of shortcut that you want to do the action let’s say that I want to message to Robert just press next put a name on it I’m going to put Robert and it’s gonna be automatically added so if you go check on your apple watch you see the app of shortcuts right there you select it and you have the shortcut right here.

11. Blood Oxygen Levels

You can also measure your blood oxygen levels, now that Apple has included a new blood oxygen monitor sensor in the apple watch series 6. There is a new blood oxygen app to go along with it that you can use to measure your blood oxygen app. So in order to do that all you’re going to have to do is go to your health app and once you’re there you go to browse and scroll down and you’ll get “Respiratory” once you’re there you go to “Blood oxygen” and you’re going to set it up, after this, you can go back on your Apple watch and then just get n the blood oxygen app and then it’s gonna start calculating your blood oxygen. 

12. Customize Text Size

If you have the Apple Watch Series 6 44 mm version, you have a feature to increase the text size by just going to your setting, scroll down go to “Display & Brightness” you’re going to see here text size, and you can go from small text to bigger text size.

13. Control Airpods Volume

You can also control the volume on your Apple watch by just scrolling the crown if you have your AirPods on. All you have to do is go to play into any app and then just scroll the crown up to more volume and down for less volume.

14. Share Watch Faces

If you happen to have a watch face that you really like and you need to share it with a friend. All you have to do is long-press on the watch face and now you’re gonna have a little icon over there which you can press and it’s gonna allow you to send it as a message to someone.

15. Unlock your Mac

You can unlock your Mac by just using your Apple Watch. All you have to do to activate this feature on the “System Preferences” of your mac and then you’re going to head to “Security and Privacy” and once you’re there you’re going to have the option right there that is going to tell you “Allow your apple watch to unlock your Mac”, you have to do is select and then it will be automatically activated.

16. Screen Shot

You can always take a screenshot of whatever you want by just pressing at the same time the crown and the side button. It’s gonna automatically take a screenshot and it’s gonna send it to your iphone.

17. School Time

This feature finds on your control center so the first one is going to be school mode. School time is going to block the apps and complications and it’s going to turn on the do not disturb and also notifications which are not going to only be helpful for school, you can also do it if you’re in a meeting or studying for something you’re trying not to get distracted by your Apple watch. you just do this and whenever you want to exit you just have to do rotate the crown to unlock and it’s gonna tell you how much time you wear inside that app and if you want to exit or you don’t want to exit.

18. Emoji

On your app grid, you’re going to have the option to create your own emoji and it’s going to let you do the skin, hairstyle, eyes, head, nose, mouth, ears, facial hair, and all of those things. And once you’re done, you’re gonna see your emoji and add many more.

19. Walkie Talkie

You also have the walkie-talkie app, this is going to help you talk with friends from apple watch to apple watch. So the contact that you add can talk to you whenever you’re set to be available. You can always find this feature as well on the control center.

20. Infographics Modular

This is a really cool face watch which is gonna be the infographic modular and this is going to help you customize it and also add the most useful complications on your apple watch. you just have to long-press, press edit, and add whatever thing you find most useful.

21. Tell Time

This is another cool feature is that whenever you press your screen with two fingers the apple watch is gonna read the time.

22. Hide Notifications

Let’s say that on your face watch, you have a complication that you don’t want anyone to look at except for you. You have to go to settings you’re gonna go to “Display & Brightness” and then you have an option that is “High Sensitive Complications” just activate it and this gonna hide the data such as your calendar, appointments messages, and heart rate so not everyone can see it whenever they’re always on display it’s on.

23. Zoom

Whenever you’re searching for something on the web you also have an option to zoom in by double-tapping with two fingers and return back with the same process. All you have to do activate the zoom feature, it’s gonna be go to your settings, go to “Accessibility” once you’re there you’re going to see the option “Zoom” option, you’re going to activate it or deactivated this toggle depending on what you want to do.

24. Apple Pay/ Apple Wallet

If you double-tap the side button of your watch, it’s going to activate apple pay and also show the tickets that you have on your apple wallet.

25. Customized Default Replies

Now we have different options to reply to a message but we also have quick replies over there and a new feature is that now you can customize your own default messages. All you have to do this from your apple watch app on your iPhone, go down to the “Messages” go-to “Default Replies” and you can add whichever reply that you feel like.

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