10+ Apple Watch Tips and Tricks Series 3

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If you own an Apple Watch Series 3, some of the users don’t know about the hidden features, tips & tricks of this apple watch.

That’s why we have rounded up the 15 best tips and tricks to help make the Apple Watch more useful.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple watch series 3
  • Water-Resistant
  • In-Built GPS
  • Up to 2 Days of battery life
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 1. Wake & Lock Screen

So you can view the Apple watch just by flipping your wrist, to turn it off just tap it with your palm on the screen and it will shut off.

2. View or Hide Notifications

You can view notifications or you can see to hide them for more privacy. For example, you have to open up the Apple Watch app on your phone, go to notifications and enable notification privacy, so now when we receive messages it’s gonna show just the app icon and it’s gonna hide the message.

3. Change Faces & Customize

You can change the faces of your apple watch just by sliding to the left and you can change them you can also tap and hold on the screen and you can swipe from left to right to change faces as well or you can choose to customize the watch faces. you have to customize it you can scroll with the dial on the side up and down and it will change and customize the face even further.

4. Add Complications

You can also add complications to your Apple watch face, so on your apple watch you can edit them and rearrange them, and once open on your apple watch when you are customizing your face you can set up complications anywhere on the apple watch that you prefer and you can change the complications that you prefer to use by scrolling with the dial.

5. Play Music from Watch

You can also listen to music from your smartwatch for this you’ll have to transfer music to the apple watch, so on the Apple Watch app go to music and select the songs that you want to transfer over once they are done transferring over make sure you connected to Bluetooth to some headphones or Eardopes, open up the music app on the watch and select the music that you want to listen to and now you’ll be able to listen to music from your apple watch and we’ll have to take your iPhone around.

6. Add New Faces

You can add new faces as well just scroll to the left on your face and it’s gonna give you the option to add a new face here you can scroll with the dial-up and down and select the new face that you want to add, you can also add pictures from your gallery and set them as your apple watch face.

7. Double Tap & Face Features

You can also double-tap on the faces and see the different features that they have. You double-tap on the toy story one video will actually play a short video. You can play around with the different faces one with the earth has the option where you can select it and the moon will show up or the other option will give you the rotation of our universe. These are the cool features here.

8. Change Apps View

To change the view of the apps, you can hold on to the apps and it will give you the option to change the list view and you can press and hold on it and change it back to grid view as well.

9. Switch Open Apps

If you double-tap on the crown you can actually switch between the two previous open apps.

10. Zoom-in Feature

You can also use the zoom-in feature of you double-tap with both fingers it will zoom into any screen that you’re in, you can also two dingers to scroll around. So to enable this just go to your setting on your apple watch and go to general, go to accessibility, and here you’re gonna see zoom features so you are just gonna enable it and that will give you the zoom feature.

11. Take Pictures

You can also take pictures with your apple watch just go to the camera app and you’re gonna be able to view on your apple watch whatever it is that you are viewing on your iPhone, you can also change to the front camera on the iPhone and you’ll view yourself on your apple watch. There is also the option for a timer so that you can take pictures after a few seconds or you can just take the picture directly from the watch and view them as well.

12. Change Calendar View

You can also change the way you view the calendar if you tap and hold on to the calendar app it will give you different options. If you click on today it will take you to the entire calendar month so you can view every single day or you can click back on today’s date and it will open up today’s scheduled events.

13. Default Message Replies

You can also set different default message replies. Once you receive a message notification if you scroll downwards you will see there’s already default replies here, you can actually add your own custom default replies, you have to do this by opening the apple watch app on your iPhone go down to messages and here you go to default replies and scroll down to add reply and there you can add your custom reply and save it and it will appear on your apple watch.

14. Enable & Disable Passcode

Just go to settings scroll all the way down and you will get the passcode option, you can enable the passcode option here it’s gonna ask you to enter your four-digit password and it’s gonna ask you to confirm it once again and there it’s going to be set up also if you scroll down you’re gonna see an option that says risk detection this is so that if the watch is not on your wrist it will detect it and ask for a passcode.

15. Enable Screenshots

You can also take screenshots just click on the crown and the power button at the same time and it will take a screenshot, To do this you have to open the apple watch app on your iPhone go to settings, go to general, and enable screenshot.

So I hope you learned some new tips & tricks on your Apple Watch Series 3!  Here you can also check out the rumors & leaks about New Apple Watch 7

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