15+ Apple Watch Tips and Tricks Series 5

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Today we are explaining to you the best tips, and tricks for your new Apple Watch Series 5. This is everything you need to become an Apple watch expert in this one article.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watch series 5
  • Swim Proof
  • GPS, Compass
  • Up to 2 Days of battery life
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1. Always On Display

It’s gonna be always on display, what this is gonna do basically that even if you are not tapping the screen on your Apple watch or if you are not twisting your wrist is gonna show the little clock and also the complications on your apple watch. If you don’t like the setting all you have to do, go to your watch app on your iPhone and scroll down, go to “Display & Brightness” there you’ll see the always-on option, you can activate or deactivate from here and watch also.

2. Compass

This apple watch is also going to come with a compass pre-installed. All you have to do is go to your apps and you’re gonna see the Compass icon, whether you’re going to the north, west, south, and east it’s give you a pretty accurate direction.

3. Fall Detection

You can activate it by going to your apple watch app on your iPhone and scroll down, then go “Emergency SOS” and there you’ll see a “Fall Detection” option just activate it, and here’s tell you how it going to initiate emergency SOS if you take a hard fall and don’t seem to move and before the call Apple watch will alert you it has a text to the fall and if you don’t respond to it, it will tap your wrist sound alarm and then call emergency services.

4. How to Delete Apps

The apps you don’t want on your menu. All you have to do is go to the app which you want to delete just long-press that app it’s gonna show you a little X just like the iPhone does and once you tap the app a pop will appear and confirm are you sure want to delete this app or not.

5. Cover to Mute

If you are in a meeting and you’re hearing a lot of notifications and you don’t want your apple watch to make any noise, all you have to do is cover it for three seconds with your palm then it’s send a vibration to your wrist and then it’s not gonna ring for any notification that’s coming up.

To do all settings you have to go to the apps on your iPhone go to the “Sounds & Haptics” then you’ll see the option of cover to mute just activate it.

6. Say the Time

If you press the screen with two fingers is gonna speak the time like 10:12 AM- ten-twelve AM (Voice).

7. Unlock with iPhone

Apple Watch has a passcode but you don’t want to spend all your time entering that passcode you have an option called unlock with iPhone. So you have to watch on your wrist and you unlock your iPhone, it’s gonna automatically unlock your watch as well without having to enter any password.

To activate this feature, all you have to do is go to the apple watch app on your iPhone go to passcode, then you’re gonna activate the option “Unlock with iPhone” and that is gonna do the job for you.

8. Find My iPhone

The Apple Watch is also gonna help you find your phone whenever you lost it. All you have to do is go to the control center and you can go to the phone icon and press it, which is gonna automatically put noise on your phone so you can find it. And you also have the option to turn on the flashlight.

9. Screenshots

You’ll also able to take screenshots by pressing the crown and power button at the same time.

To activate this setting go to the apple watch app on your iPhone go to general and there you’ll see the option to “Enable Screenshots” just activate it.

10. Rearrange Layout

You can also rearrange the layout of your apps by just pressing on the screen a pop-up appears with two options Grid view or List view.

11. Show Recent Apps

You have an option to see all your recent apps by just a press the power button and it’s gonna show you all the recent apps on your apple watch, and you will also have the option to close these apps by just swiping to the left it’s gonna show you a little X, just press that X then it close.

12. Watch Faces

You have the option to change the watch faces by just long-press the screen then swiping to the left or right.

13. Water Lock

You also have the water mode and what is gonna do is basically block the screen so nothing can be done if you are about to go for a swim the water don’t be able to mess up with the screen and by rolling the crown it unlocked.

14. Add Default Responses

You are about to reply and you don’t have time to type you have an option to just use the ones that are already default but you can also add more to the list. All you have to do go to the apple watch app on your iPhone, scroll down you’ll get messages once you are in the messages option you’ll see “Default Replies” and then you are gonna add right there.

15. Walkie Talkie

You have also the option to use it as walkie talkie by just going to the app, you can talk with friends from Apple watch to the Apple watch by setting up a contact sending an invitation, and just activate or deactivate also.

16. Camera Control

Did you know you can see it and control your iPhone’s camera from your watch, so you’re gonna open up the app menu then just select the “Camera” application, and just like your iPhone’s camera opens and you can see everything on your watch. So by using the crown, you can actually control the zoom of your camera zooming in and out and this actually toggles between the various lenses which are so cool.

Then if you hold down and press you can even flip into selfie mode.

17. Switch Call

If you receive a call on your iPhone. Did you know that you can actually transfer it to your watch? You simply click on that tiny green dot that appears top of your watch, now see the phone call in progress but if you click on the airdrop icon it’ll simply ask if you want to transfer the call and you click the OK and you can talk with your watch, and if you want to transfer the call back to your iPhone just click on that green icon and the phonecall is transferred.

What I really love about this watch, is that you can make phone calls directly from your watch. you just click on that phone icon access the keypad type the number you want to dial.

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