10 Cool Things to Do With Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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If you looking for a smartwatch that is compatible with all devices, get any notifications, Spotify without your phone, trackpad control and so much more then get ready to know some cool features/things to do on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Water-Resistant
  • GPS
  • Up to 2 Days of battery life
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1. Camera Control

It is a pretty cool feature in Galaxy Watch 3, in which you can control your phone’s camera using your watch. So you have go-to apps and select camera controller and what this does is connect to your phone’s camera and then you can see everything through this watch. This is cool because you can set the focus on the watch, change the timer which is great for group shots, and even you can take video.

2. Turn On all Notifications

Galaxy Watch 3 is perfect for receiving all your notifications. So you have to enter the galaxy wearable app head on over to notifications and then click on see all notifications then just are sure to toggle these On, so you have the most optimized settings for your notifications then you can begin receiving all your emails as well as messages, you can even receive notifications from your Instagram dm. If you scroll down there are a couple of quick replies and of course, WhatsApp messages, and what’s also great is you can respond to almost all these notifications from the watch. If you click that mic icon you can just speak to your watch and it’ll automatically dictate your message and you can click send.

3. Spotify

Usually with most smartwatches if you want to play or control Spotify music with your watch. You have to have your phone connected all the time, but with Galaxy Watch 3 you can download all your favorite Spotify playlists and tracks to your watch and leave your phone at home.

So all you need to do within Spotify on your watch is select the playlist you want to download and then scroll down just a little and right over you can toggle on download and it’ll start downloading your playlists and like that you’ll never need your phone again to listen to your favorite tracks.

4. Custom Watch Faces

Everybody loves a custom watch face and what’s so cool about the galaxy watch 3, It is super easy to customize, you just go to your galaxy wearable app and over the click on watch faces, and as you can see there are a ton of different ones to choose from digital designs to analog designs you decide, and once you select the watch face it quickly switches over the watch, but you can customize it further just by clicking that “Customise” button and there you get complications which basically just means it shows you a bunch of extra metrics on your watch face and there are so many different ones to choose from, you can even change the look of the hands as well as color depending on which watch face you choose depends on how much you can customize it but for the most part you can customize all the watch faces.

Plus there’s a pretty cool feature where you can match your watch face to the outfits that you’re wearing which is pretty insane. So all you need to do is go to the galaxy wearable app, tap on “Watch Faces” and under “My watch faces” choose my style, tap to the “Customise” button, and now you’ll see the option to take a picture.

5. Battery

Samsung has boasted a great battery life with this watch. But if you do ever find that you’re running out of battery just pop on your wireless PowerShell on your Samsung device then lay it down flat pop your watch on the back and your watch will start charging.

6. Two Fingers Triple Tap

What you can also do to save on battery life is pop it in power saving mode or grayscale mode and you simply do that by tapping three times on the screen with two fingers and as you can see there everything goes grayscale and of course starts saving the battery, to turn it off just triple tap with two fingers again. So all you have to go to settings, go to “Accessibility” and then scroll down to reach “Advanced settings” once in there you’ll see the option that says “Two fingers triple tap” just make sure this is toggled ON, and then you’ll see there are actually a bunch of different settings to choose from but you have to choose grayscale because this really saves battery.

7. IOS Compatible

Did you know the galaxy watch 3 is actually compatible with iPhones because the watch connects to an app called galaxy wearable, you can download that app onto your iPhone so that you can connect to the watch.

8. Turn into Touchpad

This is an insanely cool feature because you can essentially turn your watch into a trackpad. So all you do go to your applications and then select this app “PPT controller” once you click on that it’ll ask to connect to your device which is of course you do hit the touchpad button and then you’ll get this little pop-up that basically explains you can use your watch like a trackpad instantly as you start using it, the cursor pops up on your device, to select items or open apps you just tap on your watch screen and it opens them and you can also use the bezel fo your watch to toggle through or navigate items.

9. Find My Stuff

You may have lost one of your devices or misplaced them so if you do ever need to find your device, go to your applications and select the “Find My Phone” app once you’ve opened it and you can simply tap on that green magnifying icon and then your phone will start ringing and vibrating even if the phone is on mute but if that doesn’t help and you still can’t find a device click on those three dots then tap locate a phone and a map will pop up on your watch with the exact location of your device. It also works the other way around if you lose your watch just go to the wearable app click on “Find My Watch” and tap start then your watch starts ringing as well as vibrating and once you have located it just swipe right on that X icon. This is an extremely useful feature.

10. Quick Tips

  • On to some quick tips in case you didn’t know what’s really cool when exercising with your galaxy watch 3 is it actually does the counting for you. So as you do your arm curl the watch automatically counts the curl for you, so you never get lost when exercising. You can also pause your exercise to play music or skip tracks and continue again.
  • It also has some seriously advanced features like measuring your blood oxygen levels but do note that this is only available in certain countries. If you are lucky enough and you do have these features available in your country, you can also check out your blood pressure and ECG just by softly resting your index finger on the top right button and then allowing it to measure.
  • Fall detection and SOS emergency is also built-in on the watch. So when you first get yours just make sure you have popped in the right emergency contacts for you can be sure to toggle on sending SOS and detect falls then just triple-click the home button if ever you’re in an emergency and within five seconds your watch will start calling and message your emergency contact
  • If you want to take a Screenshot on your watch you simply click and hold down both the buttons at the same time and it takes a screenshot.
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