Do Smartwatches Need Data Plans?

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A Smartwatch is a wearable accessory, everyone loves to own a smartwatch these days. They provide not be just a time and many other features like fitness tracking, alarm alert, smart notifications, and more.

Many people asked the question “Do Smartwatches need data plans?” on their forums or quora. If you came here because you are searching for an answer to that question, then I’ll try to explain you in this article.

Do Smartwatches Need Data Plans?

The majority of the smartwatches on the market today, do not require a data plan it’s not that they don’t have any connectivity, it just that they rely on your smartphone to do it.

Most budget smartwatches all sync with your smartphone. you can get notifications, calls, texts, and social media notifications on your wrist with health data like heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, steps, calories burned as well. All data get from these types of smartwatches are synced to dedicated smartphone apps which are installed on your smartphone, these apps used your phone data to upload and download the data.

So, you already used to have your smartwatch with you 24×7, so why pay for an extra data plan.

However, the peoples who want to be completely free of their smartphones, then “yes” you need a data plan.

The smartwatches that need a data plan are known as standalone smartwatches means they usually used cellular connectivity (a nano-SIM or eSIM) and connect to the internet with their own 4G LTE radio.

The standalone watches which require data plans are the Apple watch series, DZO9 smartwatch, Samsung Gear S2 & S3, Samsung Galaxy watches, and more. These smartwatches also connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth, but they offer the features like making or receiving calls, sending or receiving texts, and even music streaming without your smartphone.

How Much Data Does A Smartwatch use?

They don’t consume more data than a normal phone, but it really depends on your usage.

As I earlier said standalone smartwatches, you don’t need your phone to connect to the internet. You can use it independently. you can also stream videos and music through Spotify and YouTube and other services that require data plans. However, these services consume more data, so the answer to this question highly depends on your usage.

Final Verdict

Do SMartwatches need data plans?

Yes, but it has to be a standalone smartwatch that supports 4G LTE functionality. It can also be using nano-SIM or eSIM card for phone and internet connection.

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