Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Tips and Tricks

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Samsung has launched a couple of watches in the last year which includes the Galaxy watch, watch active series 2 and 3. All of these now run on Tizen OS with one UI and there’s so much you can do with them than just seeing time and tracking your activities.

So in this article, we’ll explain some handy galaxy watch active 2 tips and tricks, so let’s get right into it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  • Water-Resistant
  • GPS
  • Up to 3 Days of battery life
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1. Watch Faces

These watches come with some stock faces and you can download a lot more through the stores to let you sport a distinct look.

The good thing about this watch faces is that you can customize them further from the number of steps and flows to the colors of the dial, you can tweak a lot more just open up the galaxy wearable app on your phone and navigate to watch faces, choose one and top on the little icon at the upper right corner,

pick the color of your liking and click on save, depending on the theme you have selected you can also pick the icon or the depth effect, once done click on save that’s it.

Alternatively, you can long-press on the watch screen which will show up the various watch faces so you’re gonna left to cycle through all of them to tweak the color and customize a particular watch face, simply tap on the customization button on your watch screen.

2. Reorder Apps

You can do is reorder the apps on the watch as per your liking which means if you rather have Calendar first and Contacts second you can change the arrangement and similar to the previous trick.

you can either do that on your phone or on the watch directly. On your watch go to the recent apps page by pressing the Home Key and once done, long-press on the screen until the page is in the edit mode. Now rearrange the apps according to their priority.

Now if you want to do the same thing on your phone, open the galaxy watch app then go to settings, and under their select apps, there tap on the three-dot menu and select reorder, now you can reorder the apps as per your liking.

3. Reorder Widgets

Now similar to the apps you can also reorder widgets to get through the action quicker the galaxy wearable app comes to your rescue in this situation too and to do so, navigate to settings but their select widgets and then just drag and drop the widgets as per your convenience need.

4. Touch Bezel

On this watch, you’re gonna do is simply go to settings of your watch and then go in Advanced and there you’ll see this option Touch Bezel turn this On and you can simply swipe on the bezel and it works as a rotating bezel which is pretty cool. It also has that haptic feedback which makes it feel like a true rotating bezel.

5. Two-finger Triple Tap

Go to settings and then go in “Accessibility” and there you will have to go in “Advanced settings” and there you can see this “Two Finger Triple Tap” go there and turn it On and then you can select what it can do.

It can launch accessibility or it can launch voice assistant, it can launch dark screen, or it launches grayscale. So if you want to save battery on your watch what you can do is you can just tap on the screen three times with two fingers and it will turn the watch face in gray in fact the whole software turns gray so that’s pretty cool it helps you save battery, and of course, you a triple tap again to turn off.

6. Theater Mode

You’ll get this option in notification shortcuts so just tap on this and then you can select the number of hours that you want these features to stay turn On.

So basically if you’re going to movies in a theater or you can turn this feature on and what the watch will do once you turn this feature On is that it will keep your watch silent and screen turn off, mute all alerts and alarms and system sounds turn off, force always on and wake up gesture so basically the watch will not disturb you while you are in the theater.

7. Good Night Mode

Sleep tracking is one of the significant features of galaxy watches, its advanced rapid eye movement tracking precisely tracks sleeping patterns but its feature can go for a toss in the phone lightness up or vibrates when you are trying to sleep.

In such a case, Good Night Mode will be your new best friend. All you need to do is open the galaxy wearable app and go to “Advanced” and toggle the switch for a good night, this mode will mute all the alerts and system sounds along with the always-on display screen and the wake-up gestures.

You can also make it better by scheduling the start time and end time for the Do Not Disturb Mode. Just go to the settings tap on the Do Not Disturb option and turn on the schedule as you would like it.

8. Portable Music Player

These watches have the built-in ability to store music and thanks to the internal memory out there, it’s not so tough. All you need to do is ass your favorite music track to the watch, create the wireless headphones, and just go for a run however to add tracks open up the app

and navigate to down to add content to your watch option now there you can select the option to add tracks and just pick up the tracks that you would like to transfer to your watch.

9. Always On Display

This is an amazing feature from most Samsung flagships and galaxy watches are no different. When enabled you don’t have to touch the screen or raise the wrist to wake up the device.

It just stays lit and it really looks cool though. The easiest way to enable the always-on display is just swiping down from the top of the screen and then selecting the option always-on display and from now on your watch will stay awake like an analog watch.

10. Set Up SOS Messages

You are already aware of what an SOS message is but do we really use it when there is an emergency situation and of course, emergency situation don’t come with a warning.

So if you are in an emergency situation and you don’t have access to your phone, you can actually use your watch active 2 to send these SOS messages to some selective contacts.

Now set up the SOS request on the watch active 2, simply go to the galaxy wearable app and navigate to send SOS request, turn it On, and then you can select the contacts you want to send from the “Send SOS messages to” option,

you can also add a new contact in this menu. A quick tip here would that keep the location services On on your watch active 2 to send the location link to your selected contacts and you can also make SOS calls whenever you are in an emergency situation.

So now that you have set up the SOS request simply triple-tap the power button and the SOS messages will be sent to the selected contacts.

11. Remote Connection

It remotely connects your watch active 2 with your phone. Now suppose you left your phone in the room and you are out of the Bluetooth range and your watch active 2 disconnects with your phone via Bluetooth.

Do you know you can still get notifications on your watch active 2 if you are on the same Wi-Fi on your watch active 2 as you are on your phone?

Now to enable this feature simply again go to the galaxy wearable app and navigate to account and backup and turn on remote connection now it might take some time for this feature to actually start working because

it takes time for your watch and your phone to sync pathway profiles but when it’s done you will start receiving all your notification from the phone on your watch active 2 through Wi-Fi.

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