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The New Apple Watch 7 release date is set for September but we have another confirmation of leaks from a reliable source of what the apple watch series 7 is going to look like, want to know more about the price and other amazing features.

So today let me show you all the latest features about New Apple Watch 7.

New Apple watch 7

This year from the latest leaks we have got. It is looking likely that we’ll be getting a whole new design for the apple watch. If you are an apple watch fan you’ll know from the first apple watch to say the series free apple kept the same design and slightly tweaked design has been seen on the apple watch 4 to 6 and also SE where the screen was more kind of an edge to edge display than the previous model designs.

This year though for the apple watch series 7 we have leaks from john Prosser and renders by Ian then on top we had everything apple pro also confirmed the changes to the apple watch with the new design however we’ll look into this design change a bit later on but before we go into those details let’s begin with the apple watch 7 release date.

In past years Apple has announced the Apple Watch alongside the iPhone with the two devices available for purchase around the same time. 2020 though that changes and we actually have the release of the apple watch in September ahead of the iPhone 12, which came out in October and November time.

With the success of the virtual events that Apple did last year, it is likely apple want to separate the apple watch again due to the big success, with the apple watch 6 coming out on September 18th, 2020, and then the year before the apple watch 5 coming out September 20th, 2019 and then the 4 in 2018 it came out on September 21st and they were all Fridays. You can see the date for the apple series 7 will most likely be September 17th in 2021 with an event or virtual event happening a few days before.

We are expecting it to cost at least as much as the apple watch series 6, starting price will be $399 however I believe apple will retain the watch series 6 and also the SE and they’ll be able to sell that alongside the apple watch 7 but they’ll probably drop the watch series 3 from being sold as being the budget watch going forwards.

However, I do also see that there will be a price decrease of the series 6 and the SE going forward when the 7 does come out.

So the next new features and design, so this year apple may redesign the apple watch 7 in one key area its edges wireless mentioned the series 6 and earlier models have rounded corners and kind of kept the same design of all that time. The latest mockup renders from apple leaker john Prosser and renders by Ian suggest the new apple watch will have flat edges.

We have plenty of apple watch rumors about the new features of the series servers including blood glucose monitoring what i”’ talk about in the moon breath-based gesture controls and a redesigned ECG for accurate heart rate monitoring.

But this is the first potential glimpse of how it could actually look john’s process says that the series 7 will come in 5 colors Balck,  Silver, Red, Blue, and Green. Many of these colors return from the apple watch 6 but green is a new addition while other colors may disappear like gold. This leak did not come with a spec sheet so we don’t know how large the series 7 will be nor any other information on battery life features or sensors with this exact leak but we do expect it to run watch OS 8, of course now we also do have some leaks about features elsewhere though.

Here for specs and leaks, we are already hearing a few rumors about the apple watch 7 including the possibility that it could switch to a new screen type. The apple watch 6 uses an OLED screen but a report suggests that the apple watch 7 might use a mini LED. The main advantage of mini LED that it should be more power efficient which could mean that the apple watch 7 battery could last even longer, another possible change to the screen is the addition of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. 

Currently, the apple watch does not have biometric security, and if you take the watch off your wrist and back on again you need to put in a four-digit pin before using most of the parts of the watch. But building a scan instant screen would enhance the security here.

It’s fair to say the apple watch 6 was not a massive upgrade in terms of internal tech either the main were a new sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels a brighter on display screen and a parameter that took a constant reading. It also packed the same sensors as the previous model including 24×7  HRM and ECG monitor.

One addition that would make a lot of sense for the next apple watch is mag say functionality. This is apple’s new combination of NFC and QI charging and it’s been used in the iPhone 12 series being able to charge the next apple watch on the same pad as your phone or AirPods makes so much sense and we are quite surprised it has not arrived already.

You would also love to see the ability to charge the watch via an iPhone similar to how to reverse charge works already across many android phones. This would not be something we would use every day in situations where you are left with a depleted watch and a charged phone it could come very handy indeed. 

So really that is the latest and greatest we have on the apple watches at this stage however are you excited for the apple watch series 7 and will you be buying one in the future, let me know below the comment.

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