Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 release date, price, features

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Samsung is always considered among the top-notch brands for their smartwatches and so far they have offered so much to their consumers, probably that is why everyone seems to have an absolute craze for their upcoming devices.

Its been a while since we have heard quite some leaks and rumors about Samsung launching their next-generation galaxy watches and some official announcements indicate that these watches will be full of new features and upgrades.

So in this article, we’ll talk about all the latest features that might be coming p with Samsung’s most premium smartwatch galaxy watch 4.

Samsung galaxy 4 and ac tive 4

The most exciting news about the new Galaxy smartwatches is their whole new operating system. Google has confirmed in their event that Samsung ditching Tizen in favor of Google’s Wear OS platform. 

Samsung has taken this decision for better compatibility of many applications and also the new watch might featuring a new 5-nanometer system on a chip for running the newly developed wear OS. This will make the watches more powerful and most importantly improve battery efficiency which consuming less battery.

In March, Ice Universe confirmed in a tweet that this year Samsung is more likely to launch the two variants of the watches (Galaxy watch 4 and Active 4) at the same time.

According to this tweet, the launching event is likely between April to June though Samsung launched its previous smartwatch in most of August, this year it will be happening earlier. It could be revealed around 28th June 2021.

According to Max Weinbach, the Galaxy 41 mm will be available in 41 mm and 45mm versions while the galaxy active 4 will have a 40 mm and 44 mm case size, both the watches are expected to have a thinner design from the two watches. Galaxy watch 4 is likely to come up with top-end features like rotating bezels on the other hand active 4 might be focused more on fitness and health monitoring.

Samsung might offer a whole new health sensor for measuring the blood sugar monitoring level and for this they have collaborated with MIT. This new sensor will use the Raman Spectroscopy method by which the watch will be able to determine blood sugar levels. If the sensor truly works people will surely find it more appealing especially those who have diabetics.

With all these features Samsung should work on some upgrades as well and here some expectations that we would hope Samsung would bring with their upcoming galaxy watches. The Galaxy watches feature LTPO display technology which is currently used by the Apple watch 6. This technology helps to reduce e battery consumption to a lot of extents. A bigger battery that can last for more hours would be highly expected as galaxy watches need to be charged every two or three days.

A battery with more capacity can solve this problem. The price of the Galaxy watches is also very high

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