Smart Watches vs Smart Bands (2021)

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In this article, we are going to discuss Smartwatches vs smart fitness bands and which might be better for your needs.

Let me talk about a little bit of history I was very passionate about these smartwatches. I have a lot of experience using both these smartwatches and the smart band and what do I feel about them I have been using them for almost two and a half years and I have made some expensive mistakes I feel because if you look at this smartwatch the good ones are actually pretty expensive so which one better for you s smartwatch or smart band.

Smart Watches VS Smart bands My experience after using both

I have divided this into different sections and I am going to talk about it so that you can make a better-informed decision about what might be better for you a smartwatch or smart band.

First, let’s talk about the biggest thing that people don’t consider when buying these things is battery life, and these smart bands are way better, most of these smartwatches will last you for one typical day these days.

The Samsung gear s3 was lasting for almost two days but again want to do is what you expect in terms of battery life, but with the smart band you can get away better battery life anywhere between it depends on the features that are enabled obviously is the smart band has a lot of features like GPS, etc you have a little bit a less battery life but it ranges anywhere between five days on an average to about even 20 days.

So in terms of battery life definitely these fitness bands are way better and I feel this is very very important because these things are that what you wear and again with the smartwatch you have to charge it almost every day at night and if you forget about that you’ll have a dead watch but the smart band because most of the smart bands as I had told you you can get anywhere between 5 to 2 weeks of battery life, so charge these smart band every Sunday you don’t have to worry about it and this is very important because many of smart bands are for your fitness and stuff and track your sleep and if your smartwatch if you have to charge it every day at night you have to take it to output it on the charger so you won’t be wearing these smartwatches while you sleep.

So if you want to do that sleep tracking and stuff then definitely these smart bands are way better because of the battery life and also in terms of size these smart bands are narrower and almost hardly have any weight compared to the smartwatch, so in terms of if you would like to do sleep tracking these smartwatches are simply impractical because battery life and also they are bulky most of them are pretty bulky.

Now moving to water resistance most of these smart bands and even the smartwatches are water resistance but the thing is that go to what are these smartwatches are water resistance you might have noticed most of the smartwatches come with fancy bands like a leather band and yes they are water resistance but the band can get damaged if you constantly put it underwater but generally these smart bands at silicon or rubber band that we get so you don’t have worry about damage.

So in terms of water resistance again both are water resistance but these smart bands are just more practical.

Now moving other things which are actually pretty important and many people don’t consider about the comfort for all-day wearing. Here I feel these smart bands are more comfortable to wear because their weight is a lot less and less bulky compared to smartwatches. If you get these smart bands after about 4 or 5 days you don’t even feel that you are wearing them, so I feel these are much more comfortable especially at night if you wear them for sleep tracking.

Moving toward that is Notifications, I would say smartwatches are better at the notifications some of the advanced smart bands do provide notification like Samsung gear fit and even Fitbit models do provide some notifications, but definitely, in terms of notifications the smartwatch goes ahead this watch a lot more notification and yes you can also reply to some of the notification directly from the smartwatch-like WhatsApp, etc but what is have noticed is that.

As I have told you enough use these smartwatches for almost two and half years yes you can reply to notifications but most of the time when I was getting a complicated notification to let’s say just WhatsApp and I’ll reply to you later, okay small word like this because they have voice recognition that’s fine but if you want to dictate a two-three sentence of things then it makes a lot of mistakes still.

Moving to another thing, these smartwatches have an edge in terms of calls. Many of these smartwatches, for example, Fossil Q Marshal have a microphone and you can actually take the cellular call via this one. But again it is not very practical because the other party would complain that yeah the voice, okay but it is not that clear. you’ll use it when you get a new smartwatch for the first one or two weeks then you would rather pull out your smartphone to pick the voice call, again smart bands generally don’t have any voice calling features.

Moving to another big thing is the price gap that we have between these smart bands and smartwatches and the price gap is huge, for example, the smart band comes in the budget range like Xiaomi Band 3,4 and 5 these prices are just $30 to $35 and yes there is some expensive smart band like Samsung gear fit 2 that is about  $100-$200 and Fitbit products also falls around $100.

But moving to smartwatches, good smartwatches actually cost a lot more than $150 and some of them cost around $500 so these are significantly more expensive for example Samsung gear S3 frontier is around $150 to 200$. If you buying the smartwatch I would say hold on for about seven-eight months the price generally falls like crazy.

So I feel in terms of affordability if you are a person who just wants to know the times and basic stuff like heart rate these smart bands are cost-efficient.

Another thing that I like about these smart bands. Most of them not very budget oriented one but the mid-range one these are oriented towards fitness for example when I was testing Samsung gear fit smart band I noticed that some of the tasks for example if you are exercising where we are running or jogging it automatically, detect that and starts tracking that even do treadmill and I was wearing that Samsung gear fit 2 band, it is used to automatically detect and calculate that, so these smart band some of them the slightly more expensive ones automatically tracks some activities whereas that is not there in smartwatches. Smartwatches goal is not tough fitness tracking so that is one more thing that happened.

These are the main differences you can see. If you’re opting for a smart band and particularly if you are opting for a budget-oriented smart band I would say opt with the one that has a display it makes your life a lot simpler else if you’re a smart band doesn’t have a display then you have to rely always on your smartphone and open the app to check how much you walked and other activities.

So again I hope this article makes sense and helps you in deciding which one might be more practical for you of smartwatch or smart band again decide based on your needs and I hope this article helps, my main aim of writing this article is that after reading this article you should able to make more informed decisions and this article should help you in deciding which one is better for you.

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