13 Tips To Save Battery On Apple Watch

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A lot of people are walking away with the new Apple Watch and some of you are wondering why your battery is draining so quickly and how you can get better battery life.

First of all, since you just got your hands on your Apple Watch and are excited to use it and test out all the features it’s almost guaranteed that you’re spending much more time on it than after you get used to it.

For that reason alone your battery is going to drain much quicker than usual after personally spending 6 months with my Apple Watch Series 5, now I easily get two full days of battery life. Apart from that let’s talk about all the ways you can save battery life on your new Apple watch.

1. Don't use full-screen Display

The display drains more power than other features, so if you want to save battery life you need to reduce how much power the display drains.

One thing that many of you might not know is that the Apple Watch features an OLED display. 

Basically, the display pixels on your screen that displays black are actually turned off completely using no extra power.

So if you want to increase battery life don’t use a full-screen watch face and even a white background version of the chronograph watch face. Use one with as much blank space as possible to save the most battery life.

2. Decrease Brightness

You can save battery life to lower the brightness of the display. Tap the crown to see your apps then tap settings and scroll down to brightness and text size then simply reduce the brightness.

3. Disable Wake on Wrist Raise

You can also save battery life by adjusting the wake screen settings go to the Settings > General > Wake screen there you can disable the wake screen on wrist raise and wake screen on crown up.

You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and make use of the display will wake for only 15 seconds.

4. Use Theater Mode

You can also use theater mode to save battery life on your Apple Watch. Swipe up from the bottom of the display to access your control center then scroll down and enable theater mode.

This basically turns on silent mode and keeps the screen dark unless you tap the screen, press the crown, or press the side button.

If you are actually in a theater you can scroll up on the crown to slowly of the brightness of the display whenever you stop your brightness will stay at the same level while using the watch.

5. Turn off Unneeded notifications

You can also save the battery by minimizing the number of notifications. There are two ways to disable notifications you don’t need. When you get unneeded notifications swipe left and tap on the menu icon then tap turn off on the Apple watch.

Another way to do this go to the apple watch app on your iPhone then go to the notifications and scroll down to the mirror iPhone alerts section, where you can disable app notifications you don’t care to see on your Apple watch.

6. Turn Off Siri 

Apple watch includes the Hey Siri feature which does use a little bit more power by constantly listening for that command so if you don’t use it you can disable it by going to Settings > General > Siri then disable the Hey Siri.

7. Power Saving Mode

If you are one who doesn’t care much for heart rate data while walking or running workouts, you can turn on the power-saving mode by going to Settings > General > Workout it calculates energy burn may be less accurate but you’ll be saving some battery life.

8. Low Volume Notifications

You can also save battery life is to lower the volume of alerts by going into the Sound & Haptics settings you can even turn on silent mode if haptic feedback is enough for you, if you scroll down you can also disable crown haptics.

9. Power Reserve Mode

It basically shuts everything off except for a clock, boosting your battery life significantly.

To do this bring up your control center tap the battery percentage and drag the power reserve slider, to turn off the power reserve simply press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo and wait for the watch to restart.

10. Bluetooth Over WiFi

As you know Apple watch communicate with iPhone through Bluetooth and wi-fi, if your iPhone is nearby then apple watch prefers to communicate with Bluetooth and your iPhone is far away then apple watch chooses a wi-fi network to connect with your iPhone.

So when you consider the power consumption the wi-fi is going to take more power than Bluetooth communication.

If you are running out of battery and if you want to save some battery for the next day or if you don’t have a watch charger better to turn off this wi-fi network till your apple watch can communicate with your iPhone as long as your iPhone is nearby.

11. Change Location Services

Your apple watch constantly updates its location for the weather app or any apps installed on your apple watch using the location status, you can disable that location service to save some battery and I would recommend using this one only if necessary.

All we have to do is go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services then disable the location services to save battery life.

12. Update WatchOS

If you see any abnormal battery life that means your Apple Watch battery is draining so quickly, make sure you are on the latest OS update to check that go to Settings > General > Software Update, and your apple watch will check for any new updates is available or not.

13. Reset Apple Watch

This is another option if you see the Apple watch battery quickly draining you can resolve this battery draining issue by unpairing and pairing it with your iPhone for do that go to your apple watch app on your iPhone > General > Reset and erase apple watch content and set.

So when you erase this apple watch content your apple watch is going to back up the data on your iPhone and when you restore it back you can restore it from the last backup and you will get all the information in that.

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